Independent Educational Consultants Association - National Fall Conference 2015

I recently attended the Independent Educational Consultants' Association's National Fall conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. I gave a presentation about how educational consultants and directors of admission at Learning Disability schools and Therapeutic Residential schools can help parents obtain funding from their school districts for these types of programs. This conference offered me the opportunity to meet with people who are committed and talented in working with students with special needs.

Therapeutic Residential Programs
The professionals from therapeutic residential programs from around the country with whom I spoke opened my eyes to the many possibilities for students who need this type of educational program. Each program is so unique, that almost no two are the same. Knowing the needs of the student is critical to determining the therapeutic residential program that is the right fit for the student. I spoke with program directors from residential schools for students with autism and discussed the various models and profile of students they serve. Just as autism is a spectrum disorder, the residential schools meet a spectrum of needs.

When it comes to emotional needs and mental health well-being, the approaches vary greatly in terms of the therapeutic approach and each is highly individualized for the student. The people I met love working with their students and the families and are deeply committed to their school's mission. A common thread among all the programs is an emphasis on family involvement - parents are an integral part to the student's participation in a residential program.

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