Occupational Therapy Mandates Likely to be Underserved in 2015-2016 School Year

“The number of children receiving occupational therapy in New York and elsewhere has shot up in recent years.”

This wee, the New York Times reported that there has been a “sharp rise” in occupational therapy need in New York’s schools. The article discusses that the increase in the diagnosis of autism and the desire for more inclusive programs has driven up the numbers of students requiring occupational therapy.

Parents should read “in between the lines” of this article. This report reveals that the NYC DOE may be having an increasingly more difficult time in fulfilling occupational therapy mandates on your child’s IEP.  Parents of students who have IEPs with occupational therapy mandates should do a thorough job “vetting” the proposed school for its ability to meet your child’s IEP OT mandate.

This news also could indicate yet another reason why school districts may be resistant to “including your child.”  Why? Because including your child may require a more intensive level of services to help your child be successful in a less restrictive environment. By the way, Congress has mandated that school districts do just that - provide necessary and appropriate services so that your child is “included” and educated with their typically developing peers, to the maximum extent possible.
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