More Big Wins for Parents in NYC

Winning isn't everything - it's the only thing. ~Vince Lombardi (maybe)

When it comes to representing a child with a disability, winning is the only thing for us.  An appropriate educational program is your child's entitlement. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is an entitlement statute that ensures that once a child is determined eligible for special education services, he is entitled to a free appropriate public education. This is what we fight for every day. We fight to win. In two recent cases, we significantly prevailed on behalf of two children with autism.

In a case involving a 5 year old girl with autism, the hearing officer awarded her 460 hours of 1:1 ABA and 4 hours per month of in-home Parent Training and Counseling with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as a “compensatory education” award. This award is intended to compensate her for the DOE’s failure to provide her with ABA during the school-year. ABA has been proven to be effective for many children with autism. We know that this child's access to a quality ABA program will make a difference in her life.
Justice was also served in our case involving a 12 year old boy with autism. Based on the evidence we presented, the hearing officer awarded him 100% tuition at Manhattan Children’s Center together with 25 hours of home ABA, 4 hours per week of ABA supervision and 2 hours per week of ABA Parent Training and Counseling by a qualified ABA supervisor.

Also important to this student is the hearing officer's award of transportation to and from school in a mini wagon or car, with a paraprofessional and no more that three students in the vehicle. The hearing officer found that “the school district, which has the burden of proof, has utterly failed in its Prong 1 burden of showing that it has provided an appropriate education.” We couldn't agree more.

Key to our success in these cases was our presentation of robust clinical evidence that each of these students required an intensive level of services in order to make meaningful educational progress. A successful outcome requires a strong and qualified team of professionals who are well prepared to present the evidence.

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