Parents as POWs? NYC Settlements Update

Are Special Ed Parents Parents Prisoners of War?

Speculation is swirling. Is a political war between Mayor de Blasio and Comptroller Scott Stringer the reason why the Comptroller has not signed and returned scores of stipulations of settlement entered into between parents of children with disabilities and the New York City Department of Education?
We do not know for sure. What we do know is that whatever the reason for the delay, the effect is the same - families with children with disabilities are suffering as either the intended or unintended victims of the Comptroller’s failure to sign off on settlements.

No one in the Department of Education seems to know why settlements negotiated and agreed to are “stuck” in the Comptroller’s office. Transparency has always been a problem with NYC DOE - now we also are seeing an even more opaque Comptroller’s office.

Due to the unexplained delay, some impartial hearing officers now are requiring parents to go through with an actual hearing. At this point, this may be the speedier route to resolution and parents finally seeing the funding they were promised by the NYC DOE.

While we continue to rattle the cage on our end with the NYC DOE’s attorneys and their supervisors to obtain countersigned stipulations of settlement, we encourage YOU (parents) to contact the Comptroller’s Office directly to explain the delay, how it is affecting you and request that the Comptroller expedite the review of your child’s settlement. Being seen as a group force may make a difference.

If you have any media contacts please ask them to investigate and report on this situation.

You can reach the Office of the Comptroller at (212) 669-3916. Please provide the Comptroller’s Office with your child’s date of birth and nine-digit NYC ID number (found on your child’s IEP) .