IEP Meeting Season is Upon Us

IEP meeting season is now here and we are ready to advise you concerning your 2017-2018 case.   Here are important tips for you to keep in mind:

Stay Organized!

Begin now to gather and organize your documents in anticipation of your IEP meeting.  Make sure you have all of your child’s most recent evaluations and assessments, and share them with the District (after our review).  Also, this is the time of year that many providers and schools send out progress reports, please keep an eye out for those and send copies to our office as you receive them.    

Who Should Participate in your IEP Meeting?

Make sure you invite your child’s team to participate in the IEP meeting. Who? Your private evaluators (e.g. Neuropsychologist), the school team, and any outside providers who are working with your child. Also, ask them to prepare progress reports to share with the school district. 

Update Your Evaluations!

If your child’s private evaluation is more than two years old, you will most likely need a more recent evaluation (check with us).  Even if a full reevaluation is not necessary, at least an update to the older report may be needed for your 2017-2018 IEP meeting.  As always, please contact our office if you have any questions.    

Defer Your IEP Meeting?

If you receive a notice for an IEP meeting to take place before the end of March, you should write to the school district that it is too early in the year to determine your child’s “Present Levels of Performance” for the 2017-2018 school year and that you would like to reschedule the meeting to a date later in the Spring. As always, fax the letter and keep the fax confirmation page, please send copies of both to our office as well ( works well).

We are here to help you each step of the way!

Once you receive an invitation to an IEP meeting, please contact Stephanie ( to schedule a call with one of us, so we can prep ahead of time and ensure that you are ready for your meeting.